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Photo of artists producing and performing in a rehearsal studio and a beatmaking studio

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Studiomatic is a place out of time, out of the constraints of the city, where you can make noise, lots of noise! This space belongs to you. Book online, unlock the access from your smartphone, and create!

High-end studios for everyone

At Studiomatic, we love artists, which means ALL artists. Whether you're doing Atlanta trap, viola da gamba or a podcast about cherry trees in Japan, this is your home. Plus, you'll probably run into each other in the hallways, and that could be the new sensation of the year!

Beatmaking studio

These studios are equipped with a vocal booth, an audio interface, a desk, monitoring speakers and a premium lounge to accommodate artists and clients. Ideal urban and electronic music production.

Rehearsal studio

These rehearsal studios are equipped with a PA sound system, a drum kit with snare drum and cymbals, two guitar amps and a bass amp, a keyboard and a sofa. Ideal for bands, drummers or solo artists.

Podcast studio

Podcast recording studio dedicated to content creators. This studio is perfect to record podcasts, radio shows, broadcasts and livestreams easily and in full autonomy.

DJ Studio

DJing studio with a booth equipped with a mixer and state-of-the-art Pioneer turntables, side space for other turntables or a computer, and a set of 12" active speakers for ideal live conditions, just like in a club.

Private studio

Your private recording or rehearsal studio accessible 24/7, with recording booth, soundproofed and acoustically treated, empty or furnished, with or without equipment, with all Studiomatic services and benefits included.

This is your home

Our studios are designed to allow you to create in complete freedom, with free access day and night. Modular to infinity: from the number of square meters to the number of decibels, from the lighting atmosphere to the instruments, you are free to make yourself at home!

Create with complete freedom

We pride ourselves on allowing you to focus on what you do best: music. We make sure you have a studio at all hours, with customized support in your development, with no commitment and starting at 99€/month.

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Photo of Alejo, platinum record beatmaker, Studiomatic subscriber

I needed a studio to be able to come every day, to welcome artists, to make collaborations... Studiomatic allows me to do this freely and to meet people who have the same passion as me.

Platinum record beatmaker

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