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We have imagined spaces serving the creativity of musicians, allowing them to rehearse, create, record and meet, with ease.
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Spaces as beautiful as efficient

You were more than a hundred to describe your ideal studio to us and you were unanimous: quality equipment in acoustically treated rooms that are pleasant to live in. That's why we work with the best brands, acousticians and architects to create studios that look like you.

Rehearse unlimited in our studios

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Do you rehearse regularly? Become a resident and get many benefits: unlimited bookings, fixed time slot from 4 hours, 24/7 access, monthly and shared payment from 120 € / month, storage of equipment, preferential rate, events and much more.

Already adopted
by musicians

"Studiomatic allows me to better coordinate my rehearsals with my different projects. The recording option is a real plus allowing me to keep track of all my rehearsals in a super quality !"
Paul Herry-Pasmanian
Bass & double bass player
"Accustomed to the Labo des Sons, the arrival of Studiomatic and its booking application really allowed me to save time and gain in flexibility!"
James Marron
Singer @ James Marron & les Esprits Libres
"A studio of such quality for such a low price is already incredible. But opening the doors with my smartphone is an even more magical experience!"
Guitarist & producer @ Saïsama
"No more going back and forth on the phone with the studio manager, booking and online schedules allow me to better coordinate the 5 musicians of Pimperz.Crew!"
Titouan Démereau
Drummer @ Pimpers.Crew

Photo of Paul Herry-Pasmanian, bass & double bass player
Photo of James Marron, singer @ James Marron & les Esprits Libres
Photo of Saïsama, guitarist & producer.
Photo of Titouan Demereau, drummer @ Pimperz.Crew

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