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From empty studio to 100% tailor-made service

Rent an empty studio from 1200€/month, with or without a vocal booth, completely soundproofed and install your equipment and furniture there. Access it in complete autonomy 24 hours a day with your own pair of keys and welcome your customers inside.
Empty private studio for monthly rent
Your private studio, tailor-made and turnkey thanks to our services dedicated to professionals: tailor-made cabin, premium acoustic treatment, audio system design, space design...
Professional custom music studio

Studios designed for pros

Studios from 16m2 to 35m2, soundproofed, air-conditioned, acoustically treated, in fully secure buildings, accessible 24/7, with parking. Whether you are an artist or a professional band, a label, a major or a sound engineer, we have the studio you need.

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Our studios and services are entirely flexible and adaptable: professional artists and groups, labels, record companies, sound engineers.
  • Demand the best: we have a team of acoustical carpenters specialized in the design of cabins, acoustics and custom studio furniture.
  • Services that will save you time: cleaning service, additional storage space, parking, additional studios per hour...
Private and tailor-made music studio for professionals for monthly rental

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