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Studiomatic is a place out of time, out of the constraints of the city, where you can make noise, lots of noise! This space belongs to you. Book online, unlock the access from your smartphone, and create!

Des studios dédiés à la répétition à Paris

Our studios are designed to allow you to create in complete freedom, with free access day and night. Modular to infinity: from the number of square meters to the number of decibels, from the lighting atmosphere to the instruments, you are free to make yourself at home!


3 subscription offers for every needs

All our Studiomatic are self-service, bookable and accessible 24/7 with your smartphone. Our Club memberships are non-binding, cancelable at any time.


99€ / month

  • 8 hours per month
  • Then -30% from 9th hour
  • Standard studios
  • Available in every studio
  • Cancelable at any time
  • Optional storage box
  • Optional fixed slot
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199€ / month

  • 16 hours per month
  • Then -50% from 17th hour
  • Standard studios
  • Available in every studio
  • Cancelable at any time
  • Optional storage box
  • Optional fixed slot
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499€ / month

  • 80 hours per month
  • Then -80% from 81st hour
  • Standard and premium studios
  • Available in every studio
  • Cancelable at any time
  • Optional storage box
  • Optional fixed slot
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We wanted to play in a rehearsal studio with a weekly slot so we could work more in depth on our live sets, our band sound and get to know each other better musically.

Caroline Callen
Chanteuse de Madlen Keys

You deserve better studios at better prices!

How do Luna Rossa, HF Studio, HBS Studio and Studio Bleu compare to Studiomatic?

Studiomatic Luna Rossa HF Studio HBS Studio Studio Bleu
Average hourly price
12€50 19€ 18€ 17€ 20€
Online booking
and payment
24h/7d smartphone
Soundproofed and
acousticaly treated rooms
Designer rooms and
private lounge
Free private

Les réponses à vos questions

Once a member of the Club, you can book your hours directly on the site and can choose a fixed slot of 4 hours/week in a rehearsal studio. It will be reserved for you every week without any action on your part. Once your monthly quota of free hours has been consumed, you can continue to book and have a reduction of up to -80%. You have access to rehearsal studio schedules in real time and be 100% independent on your reservations.

Yes, all rehearsal studios are bookable online and accessible via your smartphone, 24/7.

The average price of our rehearsal studios is €14/h excluding subscription. Thanks to the residence, the studios will cost you 12€50/h, or even less if you take more hours. Unbeatable.

The Club is a non-binding subscription, cancellable at any time. To register, simply click on the button below to contact someone from our team. You will then have the possibility to request a visit and will be accompanied until your first session in our studios.

The rehearsal studios are fully equipped with professional equipment: 2 tube guitar amps, bass amp, drums with cymbal and snare drum, sound system with 12-track mixer, 3 microphones, digital piano, music stands, microphone stands, sofa... You just need to come with your instruments.

Still have questions? Write to us on the chat or on our social networks.
You can also call us directly at +33 6 34 27 46 85

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