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Studios dedicated to computer music, production
and beatmakers unique in France

Our mission is to enable the artists who create the music of today and tomorrow to work in the most exceptional conditions possible. Finally, discover studios that meet your ambitions.

3 subscription offers according to your needs

All our Studiomatics are self-service, bookable and accessible 24/7 with your smartphone, in addition to your fixed slots. Our Club subscriptions are non-binding, cancellable at any time.

Club Studiomatic


8 hours / month
then -30% off on the hour

99 € / month

Standard studios

Club Studiomatic


16 hours / month
then -50% off on the hour

199 € / month

Standard studios

Club Studiomatic


80 hours / month
then -80% off on the hour

499 € / month

Standard and premium studios

For any subscriptions

Illustration: valid in all our studios

Valid in
all our studios

Illustration: can be canceled at any time

Cancellable at
any time

Illustration: optional storage box

Storage box

Illustration: optional fixed slot

Recurring slot

Join Studiomatic, book your
sessions and come and create freely

The answer to your questions

Once a member of the Club Studiomatic, all you have to do is book your slots on the website. You have access to schedules in real time and be 100% independent on your reservations. Once your monthly quota of free hours has been consumed, you can continue to book and with a discount of up to -80%.

Yes, all beatmaking studios are bookable online and accessible via your smartphone, 24/7.

The average price of our beatmaking studios is 25€/h excluding subscription. Thanks to the Studiomatic Club subscription, the studios will cost you 12€50, even less. Unbeatable.

We developed Studiomatic with the vision of making studios more accessible. Our prices are so inexpensive, because our 24-hour opening technology and our shared studio system allow us to optimize costs and therefore reduce prices while improving the quality of service.

The Club is a non-binding subscription, cancellable at any time. To register, simply click on the button below to contact someone from our team. You will then have the possibility to request a visit and will be accompanied until your first session in our studios.

Proof of identity (ID, passport or driving licence) for digital verification will be requested as well as a bank details.

Payments can be made by credit card or direct debit.

Beatmaking studios are shared between a very small number of residents, which allows you to have all the advantages of a private studio without the price or the disadvantages.

The beatmaking studios are fully equipped with professional equipment: sound card, monitoring speakers, microphone, master keyboard, headsets, cabin, desk, sofa... You just need to come with your computer.

No, there's no sound engineer in our studios. The studios are made for the artists, sound engineers, beatmakers and producers who're independant and aim to grow with their own team or work with their own clients.

Still have questions? Write to us on the chat or on our social networks.
You can also call us directly at +33 7 57 59 64 66

Join Studiomatic, book your
sessions and come and create freely