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Professional beatmaking studio open 24/7, bookable and accessible by smartphone in Paris

Become a resident

Studios dedicated to computer music, production
and beatmakers unique in France

Our mission is to enable the artists who create the music of today and tomorrow to work in the most exceptional conditions possible. Finally, discover studios that meet your ambitions.

A simple offer

All of our Studiomatics are self-service, bookable and accessible 24/7 with their smartphone. Get more from our studios with our personalized monthly residency offers.

From 400€ / mois
  • Flexible hour packages and fixed time slots with 24/7 access.
  • Soundproofed and acoustically treated studio for professional use.
  • State-of-the-art equipment : SSL, Yamaha, AKG, Shure, Native Instrument and more.
  • Reception room with sofa for your clients in the studio.
  • Very bright and with a clean design, perfect for creating content on social networks.

And innovative options

Shared payment

Save time by sharing the payment between all group members for € 1/month/person.
Storage box

Store your equipment on site in a completely secure private box from € 30/month.

Rehearse without limitation in our studios

Illustration of the Studiomatic resident artists in a rehearsal studio.

Do you rehearse regularly? Become a resident and get many advantages: unlimited bookings, fixed time slot from 5 hours/week, 24/7 access, monthly and shared payment from 200€/month, storage of equipment, preferential rate, events and much more.

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