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Develop your wealth by practicing your passion

You aspire to:

  • Accomplish yourself professionally by undertaking a project in a field that is close to your heart

  • Become an entrepreneur by mastering your organization

  • Develop your real estate and financial assets

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Our mission and values

We enable the artists who make the music of today and tomorrow to create in easy-to-access and innovative spaces. To do this, we are looking for collaborators like the artists who create in our studios: creative, ambitious, autonomous and ahead of their time.

Automated, secure and stress-free management

Consult your schedules, reservations, invoices, statistics, online payments, home automation... our management software will be your ideal companion.

  • Manage your studios remotely, wherever you are, with the guarantee of maximum security.

  • Be alerted of any suspicious intrusion in your premises with smart cameras

  • Enjoy maximum security with our connected locks and records of access logs

  • Secure resident verification system by credit card imprint and deposit

Management software for music and rehearsal studios

Focus on your artists, we'll take care of the rest

Building and managing studios on your own is no easy feat, but we're here to help.

We advise you on the choice of the building, as well as on the key partners for the construction, the soundproofing of the studios and the purchase of the equipment. In addition to that, we train you on the day-to-day management of your Studiomatic.

Create your own music studios

Once the studios are finished, we give you access to our management software, the most powerful on the market, and we take care of marketing, technology, brand, legal and online support for you.

You can focus on what matters: to make happy every artist who comes into your studios.

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Join the Studiomatic franchise network, leader in autonomous music studios

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