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Musicians prefer Studiomatics to
traditional rehearsal studios!

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Vous méritez des studios de meilleure qualité à des meilleurs prix !

What are the Luna Rossa, HF Studio, HBS Studio and Studio Bleu worth compared to Studiomatic?

Studiomatic Luna Rossa HF Studio HBS Studio Studio Bleu
Average hourly price
14€ 19€ 18€ 17€ 20€
Online booking
and payment
24h/7d smartphone
Soundproofed and
acousticaly treated rooms
Designer rooms and
private lounge
Free private

3 subscription offers according to your needs

All our Studiomatics are self-service, bookable and accessible 24/7 with your smartphone, in addition to your fixed slots. Our Club subscriptions are non-binding, cancellable at any time.

Club Studiomatic


8 hours / month
then -30% off on the hour

99 € / month

Standard studios

Club Studiomatic


16 hours / month
then -50% off on the hour

199 € / month

Standard studios

Club Studiomatic


80 hours / month
then -80% off on the hour

499 € / month

Standard and premium studios

For any subscriptions

Illustration: valid in all our studios

Valid in
all our studios

Illustration: can be canceled at any time

Cancellable at
any time

Illustration: optional storage box

Storage box

Illustration: optional fixed slot

Recurring slot

How Studiomatic is revolutionizing rehearsal

Our mission is to enable the artists who create the music of today and tomorrow to work in the most exceptional conditions possible. Finally, discover studios that meet your ambitions.

Become a Club Studiomatic member

Illustration of the Studiomatic subscription artists in a rehearsal studio.

Do you need a studio regularly? Become a member of the Club and get many advantages: free hours, additional reservations at a reduced price, fixed time slots from 4 hours, 24/7 access, monthly and shared payment from €99/month, events... and this, without commitment, cancellable at any time. True freedom.

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