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Musicians prefer Studiomatics to
traditional rehearsal studios!

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You deserve better studios at better prices!

What are the Luna Rossa, HF Studio, HBS Studio and Studio Bleu worth compared to Studiomatic?

Studiomatic Luna Rossa HF Studio HBS Studio Studio Bleu
Average hourly price
14€ 19€ 18€ 17€ 20€
Online booking
and payment
24h/7d smartphone
Unlimited monthly
Automatic shared
Soundproofed and
acousticaly treated rooms
Designer rooms and
private lounge
Free private

Get even more thanks to our unlimited residences.

How Studiomatic is revolutionizing rehearsal

Our mission is to enable the artists who create the music of today and tomorrow to work in the most exceptional conditions possible. Finally, discover studios that meet your ambitions.

Rehearse without limitation in our studios

Illustration of the Studiomatic resident artists in a rehearsal studio.

Do you rehearse regularly? Become a resident and get many advantages: unlimited bookings, fixed time slot from 5 hours/week, 24/7 access, monthly and shared payment from 200€/month, storage of equipment, preferential rate, events and much more.

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