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Become a member of the Studiomatic club and benefit from all our beatmaking and production studios at -50%.


The Club

99€ per month - Studiomatic

The most flexible studio subscription in the industry

  • 99 € per month, without commitment
  • -50% from your first hour of booking
  • 24/7 access
  • High-end beatmaking/production studios

How Studiomatic is revolutionizing studios

Our mission is to enable the artists who create the music of today and tomorrow to work in the most exceptional conditions possible. Finally, discover studios that meet your ambitions.

More than studios: services!

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Now, music studios have to offer much more than just rental practice spaces. Get your career off the ground with perks and services from our partners and personalized career development support.

Already adopted
by musicians

"A studio of such quality for such a low price is already incredible. But opening the doors with my smartphone is an even more magical experience!"
Guitarist & producer @ Saïsama
"No more going back and forth on the phone with the studio manager, booking and online schedules allow me to better coordinate the 5 musicians of Pimperz.Crew!"
Titouan Démereau
Drummer @ Pimpers.Crew
"Studiomatic allows me to better coordinate my rehearsals with my different projects. The recording option is a real plus allowing me to keep track of all my rehearsals in a super quality !"
Paul Herry-Pasmanian
Bass & double bass player
"Accustomed to the Labo des Sons, the arrival of Studiomatic and its booking application really allowed me to save time and gain in flexibility!"
James Marron
Singer @ James Marron & les Esprits Libres

Photo of Paul Herry-Pasmanian, bass & double bass player
Photo of Titouan Demereau, drummer @ Pimperz.Crew
Photo of Saïsama, guitarist & producer.
Photo of James Marron, singer @ James Marron & les Esprits Libres

The answer to your questions

Once a member, you benefit from a 50% reduction on all of our studios, from your first hour of booking.

Yes, all studios are bookable online and accessible via your smartphone, 24/7.

The average price of our studios is 25€/h excluding the Club subscription. Thanks to the Club, the studios will cost you 12€50/h on average (-50%). The subscription is profitable from 4 hours per month.

We developed Studiomatic with the vision of making studios more accessible. Our prices are so inexpensive, because our 24-hour opening technology and our shared studio system allow us to optimize costs and therefore reduce prices while improving the quality of service.

Absoutely. You can cancel at any time and without fees from your customer area.

Only proof of identity (ID or passport) for digital verification will be requested. Payment is made by credit card.

Become a member of the club. Cancel at any time.